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Lively Lady Pub, Bracklesham Lane, Bracklesham Bay, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20

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Pub Summary

Phrases used to describe this pub
food service
live rock music
pool table
screen entertainment
sunday roast
Lively Lady has been described as having: food service, live rock music, pool table, screen entertainment, and sunday roast. You might want to contact them on 01243 671856 and mention My Pubguide to whomever picks up the telephone. The nearest bus station is not within five miles of this public house and the closest Cineworld cinema on record appears to be outside a five mile radius of this establishment but click on this link to view another provider.

The latest comment on this pub:

One factor that many other pubguides do not consider is the area where a pub is based. This can be of the utmost importance. Therefore, we have taken the opportunity to interpret the latest Indices of Deprivation, issued in December 2007. As this public house is located in East Wittering ward, we inform you that an overall interpretation of the statistics for this area is that the ward appears to be fairly acquiescent. This evaluation may be broken down as follows: The employment situation might be very good. Health is very positive. The educational stance is affirmative. Moreover, the environment itself is fairly assentive. Housing seems to be very ill-fated. One might interpret the situation on reported crime as acquiescent. Meanwhile, income appears to be good. On another note, the postal area is residential par excellence.

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